J3PHealthcare Solutions - Built on the idea that we can improve the patient experience, clinical outcomes, operational metrics, AND physician success and career satisfaction.


Your physicians are vital partners and your success requires that you provide them with the support they need to grow and develop.  


Challenge them to lead, but give them the structure, tools, and training to succeed.  We do this by integrating People and Strategy, to drive Performance.

Improve Department Performance

Support Physician Success

Increase Physician and Staff Engagement

Create a Culture of Collaboration

Prepare Leaders to Succeed

The J3P Story:

“I’d worked in healthcare for a number of years. When my daughter Jules was born with a multitude of serious special needs, I saw it from a different perspective. I quickly realized that clinical and technical skills are the foundation of outstanding care, but emotional intelligence, including self-awareness, empathy, communication and leadership skills drive the patient and family experience, and are often lacking.

Working with our Advisory Board of Physician and Nursing leaders, we also realized that these skills seriously impact physician and nursing success, wellness and career satisfaction.

This motivated us to put our psychology, counseling and coaching expertise to use to make a difference, for patients, for families, and for physicians, nurses and healthcare leaders.  We’ve added experts in hospital and physician operations, healthcare education and high reliability organizations who are passionate about these issues and can approach them from an innovative perspective.”   

Alan Friedman, M.A., CEO and Founder of J3P Healthcare Solutions