Diagnostic Tools

We leverage a library of scientifically sound, easy to use, individual/group assessment and measurement tools.

“J3P is linking behavioral science with analytic discipline for positive change in healthcare.” 

Robert Hogan, Ph.D. – Hogan Assessment Systems

PSG Cover

J3P Physician Success Guide

This online assessment, built and validated for use with physicians, provides deep individual insights.   It allows a data-driven approach to understanding personality, motivation, and potential derailers.  The report can be the basis for an individual development program, for mentoring, and for executive coaching.  It also generates a seperate "Mentor Guide."


J3P Healthcare Professional Success Guide

Perfect for understanding individual personality traits and motivators that impact performance, for both front line staff and leaders.


J3P Physician Insight 360

Augment personality data with a user-friendly customizable, physician-specific 360 degree assessment.  Built from our collaborations with a number of academic medical centers.


J3P Core Drivers Assessment

This short, but powerful personality assessment has been tailored to our unique audience.  Fully mobile, it takes less than five minutes to complete and provides an instant, interactive, report with links to developmental resources.


J3P Team Effectiveness Survey

A simple, powerful tool that helps teams understand their strengths, and opportunities for development.  It examine steam productivity and culture.