J3P and Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons Focus on Physician Leadership

The American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons (ASES) has partnered with J3P Healthcare Solutions to provide leadership resources and training to Society Leaders.

This program is designed to help committee leaders to be more effective in their roles, and be better equipped to develop their colleagues.   According to Alan Friedman, M.A., Founder and CEO of J3P, “A professional society is only as effective as its leaders.  

Alan Friedman, M.A., J3P Founder and CEO

If they are able to engage their members, advocate for their specialty and develop the next generation of leaders, then the society can fulfill its mission.  In our experience, participants also find that this work helps them as leaders  in their practice, hospital, or health system.”

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J3P Healthcare Solutions

J3P Healthcare Solutions is a specialized firm, focused on physician executive coaching, strategic advisory, leadership training, and development, This work is integrated into operational performance improvement.  J3P has a long history working with orthopaedic surgeons, including at a number of high-profile academic programs, and other sub-specialty societies, for a number of years, we’ve supported the the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons executive fellowship program.

Evolving Role of Physician Leaders

The ASES program is focused on being an effective advocate and communicator, engaging committee members, and building relationships. It also emphasizes practical skills, including time management and running effective meetings.  These skills are, increasingly, more important as what it means to be a physician leader continues to evolve.

Dr. Frankle noted, “This was part of my vision as I assumed my new role as President.  The ASES needs to develop effective leaders – for the Society and for medicine, generally.  We partnered with J3P because of their unique approach, credibility and outstanding track record of engaging physicians on behalf of their own growth in a very practical, and meaningful way.”

Mark Frankle, M.D., ASES President

To learn more about the ASES, visit https://www.ases-assn.org/.  To learn more about J3P Healthcare Solutions, visit www.j3phealthcaresolutions.com.