Innovative Approach to HRO Training Coming out of the COVID-19 Crisis

Do You Have an HRO “Culture”?

Hospitals were already looking for better tools to help them on their journey toward high reliability.  The COVID-19 crisis revealed for many that they need to revisit their commitment to HRO.

Frequently, the traditional approach to implementing HRO programs fails to fully engage leaders, physicians and staff – so it fails to create a true, sustainable HRO culture.

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Vizient, J3Personica Partnership

Vizient Southern States has partnered with J3Personica and the technology firm, Rali to design, build and deploy a more efficient, effective, and affordable approach to building a sustainable HRO culture.    

Alan Friedman, M.A., CEO Founder and CEO of J3Personica noted, “We are able to bring a unique approach to HRO training.  We’re incorporating the psychology of how to lead in an HRO culture, and important team behaviors, to the HRO process training work.”

Marty Scott, M.D., MBA

J3Personica’s Vice President of HRO Consulting Marty Scott, M.D., MBA, has trained over 60,000 people in HRO principles and led HRO efforts in his last three senior leadership roles. 

“Dr. Scott impressed our members at our live events, and they’ve been asking about how to incorporate his approach,” said John Langefeld, M.D., Vice President, Clinical Integration, Quality and Innovation, Vizient Southern States.   “It made perfect sense for us to partner with Dr. Scott and the team at J3Personica to build a scalable platform to get this approach to more of our members.”

According to Dr. Scott, “We are able to combine the proven science of HRO process and tools with our team’s focus on individual and organizational behavioral dynamics.  This means we can build not just HRO processes, but a true, high reliability culture.”

An AI-Driven Online Platform

“The exciting part is that we are taking Dr. Scott’s expertise and embedding it into an artificial intelligence-driven online learning platform.  Rather than having your entire staff sit through days of live foundational training, they work with short, engaging, interactive online modules, first.  Then, they bring that foundational knowledge to live, interactive, working sessions where they APPLY those concepts,” said Dr. Langefeld.

This creates the ability for a hybrid approach, combining the online training with live, highly interactive work on actual implementation of HRO tools and processes.

The new content is almost complete and Vizient Southern States will be piloting it with its members starting immediately.  The program will be more cost effective, scalable, and better able to make HRO part of the organization’s way of thinking – with zero harm as the ultimate, and achievable, goal.

“The Rali plaform is, particularly, exciting for us, as it goes far beyond traditional online video training content.  The platform engages people in a learning dialogue, and takes advantage of the concept of “group learning” so that when they come together, they have the foundational knowledge to really get to work on deploying HRO tools and tactics,” said Dr. Scott.  “It is a real break-through in HRO training.”

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