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Since 1998, the Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College Master of Medical Management Program has been preparing physicians for senior leadership roles.  The MMM program focuses on three distinct, but related competencies – leadership, strategy, and the management of information.

The MMM program benefits from the expertise of the J3P team, and J3P clients have the opportunity to apply their training experience toward the prerequisites for the MMM program.



The American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons (ASES) is a society made up of leading national and international Orthopaedic surgeons who specialize in surgery of the shoulder and elbow. Through continuing medical education, the ASES Annual Meetings serve as a forum where persons involved in this field of medicine can meet, discuss new ideas and present scientific material. The membership, which is by invitation only, currently consists of 1,129 members. The Society is an educational body responsible for development of scientific programs, for organization of current knowledge, for standardization of nomenclature and for publication of scientific materials. J3P has partnered with the ASES to provide specialized leadership resources and training to Society leaders.


Deeper Signals® provides a scientifically sound, technologically-advanced assessment platform that helps organizations understand their people, personalize their development, and create lasting behavioral change.  Their tools develop self-awareness and insight at scale.  Automatic, dynamic reports are action-oriented and engaging -  enabling individuals to create lasting behavioral change.




J3P is a proud partner of the American Medical Student Association.  J3P is active with the AMSA Advisory Board and collaborates to insure that the concept of self-awareness, and enhanced behavioral skills, are part of every medical student's growth and development.



The Arnold P. Gold Foundation champions the human connection in healthcare. They engage schools and their students, health systems, companies, and individual clinicians in the joy and meaning of humanistic healthcare, so that patients and their families can be partners in collaborative, compassionate and scientifically excellent care.




The Academic Orthopaedic Consortium that was established  to nationally organize the administrative leadership of the Academic Orthopaedic Departments for the purpose of establishing a national clearinghouse of information specific to the business and leadership of academic orthopaedic departments. All this to better position Chairs, Faculty leaders, and their Administrative Leadership teams to understand, manage, and to optimize their business and operational positions with best practices and better context of the national academic landscape.

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