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Strategy is meaningless if your PEOPLE can’t execute.
Challenge leaders and teams, but give them the support, skills, and tools to succeed.
Partner with your physicians and clinical leaders - create the foundation for their success.

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Built on a foundation of research, and innovative technologies

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Combining individual and organizational behavioral science, with deep operational experience

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Grounded in practical applications and core performance metrics

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Starting with self-awareness, collaboration, and communication as the core skills

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High Reliability High reliability organizations operate in complex, high-hazard domains without serious accidents or catastrophic failures.  For example, a military aircraft carrier has planes taking…

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Burnout Backlash We wrote recently about the backlash in the medical community against the concept of “burnout.”  My thought is the word is not the…

5 Thoughts on Physician Leadership Styles

By J3P Healthcare Solutions | March 4, 2019

This week, we have the privilege of facilitating a workshop for the American Gastroenterological Association leadership fellowship program on Self-Awareness as the Basis for Effective…

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