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Strategy is meaningless if your PEOPLE can’t execute.
Challenge leaders and teams, but give them the support, skills, and tools to succeed.
Partner with your physicians and clinical leaders - create the foundation for their success.

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Built on a foundation of research, and innovative technologies

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Combining individual and organizational behavioral science, with deep operational experience

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Grounded in practical applications and core performance metrics

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Starting with self-awareness, collaboration, and communication as the core skills

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5 Thoughts on Physician Leadership Styles

By J3P Healthcare Solutions | March 4, 2019

This week, we have the privilege of facilitating a workshop for the American Gastroenterological Association leadership fellowship program on Self-Awareness as the Basis for Effective…

J3Personica Offers High Reliability Organization Consulting Emphasizing a Sustainable HRO Culture

By J3P Healthcare Solutions | February 28, 2019

J3Personica is proud to announce the addition of our High Reliability Organization (“HRO”) consulting services, led by national expert, Marty Scott, M.D., MBA. High reliability…

What Do Hospitals Want from Physicians? What Do Physicians Want?

By J3P Healthcare Solutions | February 27, 2019

There’s a growing disconnect between what hospitals expect from physicians and what physicians want and need – for their own success and well-being. It’s creating…

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