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Strategy is meaningless if your PEOPLE can’t execute.
Challenge leaders and teams, but give them the support, skills, and tools to succeed.
Partner with your physicians and clinical leaders - create the foundation for their success.

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Built on a foundation of research, and innovative technologies

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Combining individual and organizational behavioral science, with deep operational experience

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Grounded in practical applications and core performance metrics

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Starting with self-awareness, collaboration, and communication as the core skills

Featured Articles

Avoiding Med School Burnout through Self Awareness – One Student’s Story

By J3P Healthcare Solutions | February 5, 2019

Our Guest Blogger this week: Ton La, Jr. Part of J3Personica’s mission is to improve the performance, and career success and satisfaction of physicians.  Self-awareness…

Where is the Physician Talent Management Team?

By J3P Healthcare Solutions | January 25, 2019

A decade ago, few health systems had robust talent management functions.   This has changed.  Healthcare learned from other industries that these functions are critical to…

Career-Threatening Frustration – One Surgeon’s Moving Self-Awareness Story

By J3P Healthcare Solutions | January 18, 2019

I had the honor of sitting in on a meeting of the Board of Directors of the American Medical Student Association (“AMSA”).  The guest speaker…

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