Physician and Nursing Executive Coaching

My work with the J3P coaching program has been eye-opening and transformational. As we challenge ourselves and look for opportunities to develop as physicians, and as leaders, this program is invaluable.”

Rebecca Howell, M.D.

Associate Professor of Otolaryngology,

University of Cincinnati Health


Terri Christensen, PhD. Chief Learning Officer, Senior Consultant 

Explains our unique approach to executive coaching:

  • First, we work exclusively in healthcare, primarily with physician and nursing leaders.
  • We have a practical understanding of medical staff, and health system operational challenges.  We understand your world.
  • It’s really a combination of executive coaching, strategic guidance, and organizational consulting.
  • Our work is grounded in our extensive body or research.
  • We use a flexible model mixing live and remote sessions, and a user platform that makes scheduling appointments simple and easy.
  • We START with an understanding of the personality and motivational dynamics - to build a foundation of enhanced self-awareness.
  • We focus on the individual, first and improve their performance, in service of the organization – not the other way around.
  • Finally, it's our job to engage you in your own growth. We  focus on you, and on building trust, first and foremost.”