Department Transformation

People - Strategy - Performance

Physician engagement and frustration, attracting and retaining talent, managing change, moving quality and financial metrics, emotional wellness,  and creating a culture of collaboration. . .


None of these issues exist in isolation.  Department performance is complicated.  The only way to achieve your goals is to INTEGRATE work on strategy, operations, leadership, and team.

"I can’t express enough how impactful you have been for me, and for Oregon Medical Group.  Last night’s presentations made me realize how far everyone has come.  This has been a  meaningful and transformative process for us!"  

Stacy Chance, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Oregon Medical Group


People – Strategy – Performance

Without a plan, a structure, and the authority and autonomy to drive change, your people are left with no option but to be frustrated.

Make them part of the solution.

  • Define the vision.
  • Identify the barriers to success.
  • Acknowledge frustrations but focus on what you can influence.
  • Engage the team, particularly your physicians, to identify the goals - what do THEY want to accomplish?
  • Build cohesion, trust, and a collaborative dynamic by establishing expectations and creating accountability.
  • Challenge leaders to lead.
  • Give everyone the tools, skills, and support to succeed.
  • Make the entire initiative THEIRS.
  • Teach them how to find solutions.

“I’ve been through a lot of leadership training but NOTHING Like this. Thank you!”

Shannon Thompson, RN, MS, RN, CNOR, NEA-BC, OR Nursing Director, Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center