Physician and Provider




Career Success

Our Solutions:

Prepare physicians, providers and leaders to meet new challenges by improving self-awareness, adaptability, collaboration, leadership, system-thinking, communication, and emotional intelligence skills.

Our tools and expertise support organizational goals and ensure compliance with ACGME professionalism, wellness and interpersonal skills requirements

Mitigate burnout risk by creating a culture of wellness

Unique assessment tools provide insight, workshops and training create buy-in, and coaching and online developmental resources drive real change.


  • J3P Professional Practice Guide®
  • J3P Physician Mentor Guide®
  • J3P Transition to Practice Guide®
  • J3P Physician Leadership Assessment™
  • AMSA Self Awareness Report
  • J3P Physician 360


  • Resident and physician selection and development strategies
  • Physician Hospital Alignment
  • High Reliability Organization Success

Training and Development

  • Physician Behavioral Skills – Personal Success and Operational Performance
  • Physician Leadership Skills – Self-awareness, behavioral skills and achieving goals
  • “Physician Leadership in High Reliability Organizations
  • J3P Executive Coaching
  • Online educational options